Trust Us/FAQ

FAQ FOR STUDENTS (Freelancer FAQ below)

Absolutely not! Posting your project or completing a project is not against the law nor is it criminal.
You should use the completed projects as a guide to finish your own! However, if you follow proper precautions you won't be caught. Never reveal your personal information, school you attend, and do not sign up with a college email
People just like you! We've opened up our platform to allow anyone to be a freelancer by signing up. Ensure you hire the proper fit by taking a look at their profile, reviews, and chatting with them before hiring.
No! Once you load our escrow with your funds...your freelancer will be unable to access the money until you approve of the project. Our escrow allows us to create trust between freelancers and clients.
Yes! We use a 3rd party payment gateway, as well as an SSL Certificate (Green lock on your browser tab) to protect your information from the bad people on the internet.
Late projects and poorly done work are refund eligible. Go into your project details and submit a dispute in order to start the process. You can do this by clicking "Projects" and selecting the "All Projects Posted" option. Select the workspace of the project and select the "Close" option to dispute the project. A member of our team will oversee the dispute and make a decision based on the facts available.
Yes! Post your project first and go to the "Find freelancers" search bar to type their name. Click their profile and invite them to the project! If you forgot your freelancers name, go to your old projects and find the project they worked on. You can find their name there.


Currently, PaperTakers takes 20% commission on all projects. Meaning freelancers receive 80% of the project cost. Ex. A $100 project would be $80 to the freelancer...and $20 to the website.
Before being officially hired for a project, the client will be asked to fund the cost of the project in order to kickstart it. Once the client loads our escrow, you'll be able to safely work knowing that the funds have been received and secured. The funds will be released to you when the project has been approved by the client.
Our escrow is automatic! When a client marks your project as complete, our STRIPE automatically sends the funds to your account INSTANTLY. First time users may have to wait a few days for verification!
- On time delivery of projects - Reasonable expectation of work quality - Strong communication with clients - Attention to detail/project instructions
Our payment processor STRIPE will automatically provide the appropriate tax forms to you. Log in to your STRIPE dashboard and you'll be able to find your documents. For any questions, contact us.
Click "My Projects" at the top of the screen. Find the project you're looking for and select the "Workspace" option. Select "Close" which should give you the option to shut down the project. A member of our team will oversee the dispute and make a decision based on the facts available.
If the client has disappeared and forgot to release the funds, mark the project as complete on your end. The client will have 7 days to respond or the funds will be automatically released due to no response.