User Experience: a better alternative to the 5-star rating system

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Posted on December 2, 2018


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The aim of the research is to explore different rating systems in order to make an informed decision on which one to use. The research should be applicable to designing a rating system for an existing product. Itu2019s supposed to be a researchpaper. I think itu2019s best to view this from the most common perspective, the 5-star rating system. rnrnThere is a personal preference (requirement) for a system which based on this source: [The Problem With Online Reviews u2013 UX Planet]( . Which is basically a rating system which uses multiple (contextual based) levels (see attachement). rn


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Main Question
*Is there a better alternative to the 5-star rating system?*

Sub Questions
– How ratings drive user engagement
– What’s wrong with the 5-star rating system?
– Which systems are there? (For example; 5-star, smiley, emoticon and there benefits)
– When to use which rating system?

Some sources:

[UX Research: 5 Requirements for the ‘Ratings Distribution Summary’ on the Product Page (65% Get it Wrong) – Articles – Baymard Institute](

[Users’ Perception of Product Ratings (New Qualitative & Quantitative Findings) – Articles – Baymard Institute](

[What’s a better way to rate things than the convention of using ‘five stars?’ – Quora](

[Is there a better alternative to the 5-star rating system? – Quora](

[5-Star vs. Thumbs-Up: When to Use Which Rating System](

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